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Well here I am, writing on Tumblr again. What am I writing exactly  I’m not even sure…keeping it simple. Maybe I’ll just bitch about the things that make me want to rant. That seems like a wonderful idea.

For one thing, I’m hungry. And my boss just made my student aid job life even more shitty, since I have to “stick behind” when my father, yes I work with my father at a receiving department at a college, goes to the post office. It’s honestly easier when I go, because the bullshit I get dragged into here is generally retarded. It’s like, we gotta get this object from here through here which is the hardest fucking possible way to do the job when there are easily 6 ways to get the job done without looking like an unprofessional jackass. Yeah sorry, I hate my boss.

Going to the post office to drop off mail is just easier, Father parks car, I go in and drop off mail, done in seconds with time to get food. But today, my boss asks me to hang around instead. So that I can build up insanity and go postal one day. Yeah right, if anyone it’d be my boss to go postal. Who the hell bitches about their job and the things they do when they get paid a ridiculous amount of money to do the same exact thing I do? I don’t even bitch and I get paid minimum no matter what to do what I do. Psh…jokes on me I guess.

In terms of happiness, I surpass most of these morons. I don’t get it, you’re making thousands a week doing the simple ass shit I do…I get paid roughly 500 a month and half of it disappears either in the tank or in the bank. Yet I don’t lose my shit or act like my job is ruining my life. Even if it was, somehow, I just am not a complete dick in my inner core. My boss bitches too much, everyone else bitches about him behind his back. I do today…but that’s just because I never ate anything. And my one opportunity to eat has been taken away, during my post office mail run…and if you just read all that, well what the hell are you doing with your life aside from creeping on mine?

I’ll be writing on here from time to time…was told by a professor once that I have a unique writing style, that there is an open market or something like that for me? I write as if I’m talking in an informal/personal sense? Good, it’s how I like to get my point across. And trust me, sometimes my life can be rather interesting. Stick around, others have and I still don’t get them. Ciao?

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Mountains of Snow by hipydeus on Flickr.
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The Sky, at Sunset, Looked Like a Carnivorous Flower 
By [Kira Bajira]


The Sky, at Sunset, Looked Like a Carnivorous Flower 
By [Kira Bajira]

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Fimmvörðuháls eruption (by íkorninn)


Fimmvörðuháls eruption (by íkorninn)

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